The BELOW series is LIMITED EDITION photography prints focusing on a subject underwater and referencing inner visions. 

There is a place in the mind that is so silent, except for the gentle hum of the energy fields that make up the universe. It is a utopia, a place where one can go to be alone and not think, just be.
This underwater series is the manifestation of this world. Through each image, you see the subject in various states. She is ethereal at times as she floats by your field of view, like a lost soul in space. She is an expression of kinetic energy at times, as though she is working through some inner turmoil, trying to break free, find clarity, breathe. She is purposeful but calm at other times, as she glides through the water, and she also capitulates from time to time and accepts her fate. It represents the various mind states one may experience when going inward, taking time out to enter the quiets of your own mind, in order to see things clearly. 

underwater photo print