Fine Art Photography, Underwater Female Body, Nude Photograohy in Black & White

IMPETUS Black and White Fine Art Photography

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Curiosity perpetually challenges the accepted and explores the unknown. It is a driving force in all stages of life. It awakens the mind, captures the imagination and opens new worlds otherwise hidden below the surface of normality.

‘Curiosity Impetus’ is an underwater print that presents the nude subject drifting vicariously towards the surface of her underwater world, playfully curious of what lies above.

The Artist captures this phenomenon by using the subject as a metaphor, stripped of all societal hindrances, where the subject’s desire is solely the satisfaction of curiosity.


  • Limited edition of 30 copies.
  • Numbered and hand-signed by the artist.
  • Printed on HahnemŸhle Photo Rag¨ 308. A 100% Cotton paper.
  • Custom framing options are available upon request.